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February 5, 2022

Kathodik Webzine

Kathodik Webzine is a web magazine of Italian music and books, first published in 2002. In this interview article, the background to the birth of the museum and the details of the exhibition are described.


February 10, 2022

An article published on, which is famous worldwide as an online market for musical instruments. The Korg Museum, which was built in a 120-year-old folk house, is written with surprise as a writer's visit to the museum.


​MOORI     Epiphany​.​jp

A mini-album released in May 2022 of the Japanese progressive synth rock trio "MOORI". A total of 4 songs are included, 2 songs are "Modern version" using digital synths and "Analog version" recorded using vintage Korg at the museum. You can enjoy the difference between digital and analog tastes.

Kathodik Webzine article
Reverb article
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