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​ July 7, 2022

​ Korg Museum website released

The website has been released! The content is still simple, but we will continue to maintain it with the aim of becoming a web museum. 

Thank you for your continuous support.



August 9, 2022

"Korgue" was exhibited.

We have started exhibiting the super rare KORG keyboard instrument synthesizer organ "Korgue", which was lent by Mr. K.
Jazz pianist Masahiko Sato's special 700S is also displayed on the top board, and you can see two rare models at the same time.


​October 7, 2022

Alex Ball's Korg history video has been released.

A Korg history video from popular British YouTuber Alex Ball, who boasts over 100,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel for electronic musical instruments, has been released. The Korg Museum is also fully cooperating!

(168) Traveler: A Korg Retrospective - YouTube


​November 4, 2022

​Presidents of Korg USA and Korg UK visited!

We had a wonderful day with Mr. Joe Castronovo, President of KORG USA, Mr. Ricci Hodgson, President of KORG UK, and their attendants Ms. Ugawa!

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